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V1.  American CArtridge Co. SUPERIOR CARTRIDGES Fast Flight Long Rifle.  Box is good but has slight discoloration.  $75.00.


V2.  SEALED Canadian Industries Limited 22 Long Rifle.  ONE HUNDRED CARTRIDES.  SMOKELESS GREASED.  Date stamped on the bottom of the box "June 2, 1942".  Box is very good.  $60.00. 


V3.  COLT 22 Long Rifle.  40 Grain Lead Round Nose.  Mint.  $25.00. 


SOLD.  V4.  PMC MODERATOR.  50 Subsonic Velocity Long Rifle Cartridges.  35 Gr. Hollow Point.  Mint condition.  $20.00.


V5.  Canadian Industries Limited 22 Long SMOKELESS GREASELESS.  SEALED box is MINT.  $100.00.



 V6.  Montgomery WARD High Speed 22 Long Rifle.  Product code is 60-1 15905.  Box is in very good condition.  $15.00.


V7.  SOVEREIGN "Tiger Cat".  There were 3 different colors of these boxes.  Black, blue and red.  Good condition but has a wrinkle on the top right.  $30.00.


V8.  QUIK-SHOK Magnum Performance Bullet 22 Long Rifle High Velocity 36 GR hollow point.  Made by CCI in 1997.  Product code is 22QS1.  Fresh from a brick.  $10.00.


SOLD.  V9.  PMC MATCH RIFLE FOR BOLT ACTION RIFLES ONLY.  Target Velocity Long Rifle--40 Gr. Solid.  $20.00.



V11.  Federal Non-Fouling 22 Short.  COPPER COATED SMOKELESS.  Box is good.  $210.00.


V10.  C-I-L CENTRAL V's 22 Long Rifle Smokeless Greased.  Box is in good condition but has some slight scuffing on edges and corners.  Will clean up nicely after it is shrink wrapped.  No product code.  $50.00.



V12.  WESTERN AUTO STORES & ASSOCIATES "Revelation" Super Range.  22 Long Rifle Non-Fouling.  Dated 1950s.  Box is very good.  $45.00.


V13.  Canadian Industries Limited 22 AUTOMATIC.  SUPER-CLEAN.  Adapted to WINCHESTER MODEL 1903 AUTOMATIC RIFLE.  Box is very good.  $75.00.


SOLD.  V14.  C-I-L 22 Long rifle "Dominion" Super-Clean Smokeless Greased "BISLEY" Target Cartridges features the famed Prone Shooter.  The box is Stone Cold Mint.  $125.00.