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W1.  Winchester,(1903 Model), 22 Automatic, 2pc, FULL & SEALED, buff colored box.  Very early 2pc box.  Excellent condition.  $180.00.


W2.  Western Super Match Mark III 22 long rifle.  Product code is SM22LR.  Box is in good condition.  $15.00.


 W3.  Winchester EZXS 22 Long Rifle Pistol Match.  Box does not have a child warning.  Mint from a brick.  $35.00.


W4.  Winchester Precision 200, 22 long rifle . 1pc.  Full, blue, white and red box. Target Cartridges, LESMOK,  Box is solid, color is brilliant.  Excellent.  $150.00 


W5. Western 22 short Hollow Point, "Super-X" Long Range. Mint box, new from a brick, in brilliant yellow and blue without Child Warning.  Dunn's book,  "1955 issue".    $20.00.


W6.  WINCHESTER 22 LONG STAYNLESS.  Color is slightly faded and on the front side is scuffed.  Very good.  $180.00.


W7. Western 22 Long. "Super-X Long Range 1931 issue. Number on box is K1216R.  Dunn's book, "Nickel washed brass case.  Copper washed lead bullet".  New from brick.  The box is in excellent condition in blue, yellow and red WITHOUT a Child Warning. $25.00.


W8.  WINCHESTER POWER-POINT 42 MAX.  40 Grain Long Rifle.  COPPER PLATED MAX HOLLOW POINT.   Mint condition.  $20.00.  


W9. Winchester 22 short. "Super Speed" Kopperklad new from a brick.  Excellent box in red, yellow and white WITHOUT Child Warning. $25.00.





W10. Western 22 short hollow point.  Hollow point is written on the back side and the end flaps.  27 grain lubaloy coated bullet. "Super X" mint yellow box with Child Warning. $20.00.
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W11.  Western Super Match Mark II 22 long rifle.  40 Grain lead greased bullet.  Product code is K1267R.  Mark II packaging was changed during 1940 and remained until the 1960's.   Box is in good condition.  $20.00.


W12.  Winchester LEADER Standard Velocity 22 Short.  Product code is LD22S.  Box is from a brick.  $18.00.


W13.  Western T22 standard velocity 22 long rifle.  Product code is T22LR.  Brick fresh.  $15.00 


W14.  Western XPERT Standard Velocity 22 Long Rifle.  Product code is XP22LR.  Box is from a brick.  $15.00.


W15.  WINCHESTER 22 WINCHESTER Lesmok rifle cartridges.  Date code on lower right is 3-20.  1914 issue.  SEALED box has the SWISS TAX CODE label on the end flap.  WINCHESTER model 90 rifle.  Box is very good.  $125.00.       


W16.  WINCHESTER 22 Short rim fire Smokeless Rifle Cartridges.  SEALED box is MINT.  $225.00.


W17.  Winchester-Western Wildcat DYNAPOINT 22 long rifle.  Dunn's book,  "This is a hollow-point style bullet.  This box has the 1980 style warning on top.  Product code WW22LRD."    This bullet is a hollow-point although it is not noted as such  on the box.  1980s issue.  $20.00.


W18. WINCHESTER Super X Long Rifle.  Mint from a brick.  $15.00.