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W53.  WINCHESTER SPOTLIGHT 22 Short.  Fresh from a brick.  MINT.  $400.00.


W54.  Winchester POWER POINT 22 Long Rifle High Velocity 40 GR Copper Plated Hollow Point.  Made in Australia  PP22LRH is the product code.  Mint and from a brick.  $30.00. 


W55.  Winchester SUPERSPEED 22 LR HYPER VELOCITY HOLLOW POINT.  Australian made box is very good.  $30.00. 


W56.  Western Super X 22 Long Rifle Hollow Point.  Product code is SX22LRH.  Box is in mint condition.  $18.00.


W57.  Western Super X 22 Long Rifle.  Product code is SX22LR.  Box is in mint condition.  $15.00.


W58.  Western SUPER-MATCH MARK IV 22 Long Rifle Pistol Match.  Product code is SM22LR4.  Box is in very good condition.  $15.00.


W59.  Winchester Super X Extra Power 22 Short Hollow Point.  Mint.  $15.00.


W60.  Winchester Western high velocity WILDCAT 22 Long Rifle.  Product code is WW22LR.  1978 style warning.  1980-1982 issues.  Box is fresh from a brick.  $16.00.


W61.  Winchester Western Super X XPEDITER 29 Gr. Long Rifle Hollow Point.    Product code is WWSX22X.  1980 issue and dropped from product code in 1982.  Box is from a brick.  $20.00.


W62.  Winchester WILDCAT 22 high velocity Long Rifle.  Product code is WW22LR.  Box is from a brick.  $15.00.


W63.  WESTERN SUPER MATCH MARK II Long Rifle Cartridges.  No Child Warning . Very good condition.  $30.00.


W64.  Winchester Western Super X Extra Power 22 Short.  Product code is X22S.  Box is from a brick.  $15.00.


W65.  Winchester 22 AUTOMATIC Smokeless Powder Cartridges for Winchester Rifle Model-1903.  45 Grain.  Box is in very good condition.  These boxes are no longer being made.   $45.00.


W66.  WESTERN CART CO. MARKSMAN, 22Long Rifle.  1 piece, FULL blue, yellow, red and white box.  Lubaloy coated bullet.  Lesmok Powder. Excellent condition.  $245.00.


W67.  Western 22 LONG Lesmok Powder.  2 piece box is not sealed.  The box has some label scuffing.  $90.00. 


W68.  Winchester 22 Short SMOKELESS overstamped on the box.  Two piece box is very good.  $150.00


W71.  Western Super X Extra Power Short Hollow Point.  Mint condition.  $20.00. 
 This box is available in long rifle.  Please specify which you want.  $20.00


W72. Winchester SUPER SPEED 22 LONG.  Staynless Kopperklad.  Box is very good.  $85.00.  


W73.  Winchester 22 Long Rifle.  STAYNLESS LEAD GREASED.  Product code is K2288R.  1938-first part of 1939.    Box has just been taken from a brick.  $35.00.


W74.  WINCHESTER 22 LONG RIFLE.  TARGET CARTRIDGES.  SEALED box is mint with wrap around label.  $200.00.


W75.  Western 22 Short Blanks loaded with powder selected because it makes a very loud report.  Box is full and correct fresh from a brick.  $25.00.


W76.  Western Super-X 22(Super-X is curved) Long Rifle Shot.  Extra Clean Wax Coated.  No. 12 Shot.   Product code SX22LRS on the end flaps.  Box is very good, but has had a label removed from the bottom.  $35.00. 


W77.  Western Super-X(straight Super-X) 22 Long Rifle Shot.  Extra Clean Wax Coated.  Product code K1268R located on the front side of the box.  No product code on end flaps.  Box is good but has ink spotting on the top.  $35.00.


W78.  Winchester Super X 22 Short Hollow Point/High Velocity.  Product code is X22SH.  Fresh from a brick.  $10.00.  Just for fun--on the bottom of the brick sleeve, someone wrote,  "Purchased 2-85."  $15.00.


W79.  Winchester WILDCAT 22 Long Rifle High Velocity.  Different variation from other Wildcat boxes.  Brick fresh.  $15.00.


W80.  Winchester 22 Long Rifle High Velocity--200 YEARS OF A LEGEND.  1810-2010  hornoring Oliver Winchester.  Headstamp OFW.  Brick fresh.  $20.00.


W81.  Western Xpert 22 Short.  End flap has Xpert written in red;  22 Short Greased product code XP22S are written in blue.  Brick fresh.  $15.00.


W82.  Winchester "LESMOK" Rifle Cartridges for WINCHESTER MODEL 90 Rifle.  Sealed box is very good.  $130.00.