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Martha's Ammo & Collectibles

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Pistol & Rifle Ammo 1 of 7

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PR1.  Winchester/Western 22 Hornet.  45 gr. Soft Point.  Box is very good.  $70.00.  25% OFF


PR2.  Winchester 38 Short Rim Fire Rifle Cartridges.  Stetson's patent Oct. 32st 1871.  Box is very good but has some pencil writing on the front.  $175.00.   NOW $125.00


PR3.  Winchester 30 ARMY, FULL PATCH.  Staynless 220 Grain Full Patch Bullets.  For Krag Jorgensen and Winchester Model 95 Repeating Arms.  SEALED BOX is mint.  $125.00.  NOW $95.00.


PR4.  Winchester 348 Commemorative Ammunition for BROWNING MODEL 71.  200 GR Silvertip.  Full correct box.  Box is very good.  $125.00.  NOW $90.00. 


PR5.  Western 351 S.L.R. Center Fire.  180 Grain Lubaloy Metal Case Bullet.  Box is MINT.  $120.00.   25% 0FF


PR6.  Remington Arms-Union Metallic Cartridge Co.  22 Winchester Central Fire Cartridges.  22 Winchester Single Shot Black Powder.  SEALED box is very good.  $160.00.  25% OFF


PR7.  Winchester SILVERTIP SUPER SPEED 348 Winchester.  200 Grain Expanding.  Box is very good.  $85.00.  NOW $65.00.


PR8.  Western 25 STEVENS  65 Grain LUBALOY bullet.  Box is full, correct and near mint.  $130.00.


PR9.  Peters RUSTLESS 25 STEVENS.  Lead Bullet Internally Lubricated Smokeless Powder.  Box is really good.  $110.00. 


PR10.  Remington/UMC 38 COLT SPECIAL.  158 GRS. Lead Bullet.  Box is very good with bright color.  $110.00.  25% OFF


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