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W19.  Western 22 Long Rifle. Super Match Mark III. Excellent box in bright yellow and blue with Bull's Eye. Box has NO Child Warning. $20.00.


W20. Western 22 Long Rifle Hollow Point fresh from a brick. "Super-X" Long Range. Number on box is K1226R.  1945 issue.  This blue, red and yellow box is in very good condition. Box does NOT have a Child Warning. $20.00


W21.  Winchester 22 long rifle MATCH cartridges from 1946 until 1959 with STAYNLESS Priming. SMOKELESS EZXS in a red, blue and yellow box WITHOUT a Child Warning. Excellent condition. $30.00.


W22.   Western 22 Long Rifle. "Super-X" long range. Mint box in yellow, blue and red WITHOUT a Child Warning. $15.00.


W23. Western 22 Long Rifle "Xpert". Bright box in yellow, blue and red WITHOUT a Child Warning.  Dunn's book,  "1945 issue".  $20.00.


W24. Western 22 long rifle "Army Lot 485 from 1941". Inside end flap has Army Lot printed on it. Yellow box with red, blue and white with Target in upper right. NO Child Warning.  This box is also available with dates of 1943 and 1945.  Using the Dunn's book, a box has been referenced to 1931, which is an Army lot, but does not have a  year stamped on it.  $30.00.


W25.  Winchester 22 long rifle. "LEADER"-1939 series. Number on box is K2388R. Yellow and blue box WITHOUT Child Warning. Box has 1 corner that has a wrinkle on the right front corner. $20.00.


W26.  Winchester 22 long rifle "Boy Scouts of America". 75th Anniversary Commemorative Ammunition.  1985 Limited Edition to honor the Boy Scouts.  Has Special Boy Scout Headstamp. Nickel plated rounds. Excellent condition. $22.00.


W27.   Winchester Improved L. V. EZXS.  22 Long Rifle Match Cartridges.  Box is in very good condition.  $60.00.


W28.  Western Cartridge Co., KANT-SPLASH, 22 Short, 1pc., Full, yellow, blue and red target box.  Box is solid with great color.  Ammo is mint and brass.  VERY HARD TO FIND. FRESH FROM A BRICK.  Excellent.  $220.00


W29.  Winchester 22 Short "Lesmok" Rifle Cartridges.  Dunn's book,  "About 1912, Winchester changed the tag line under the WINCHESTER on the top to read 'TRADE MARK  REG. U.S. & THROUGHOUT THE WORLD.  Two piece full cover box.  White  side labels with black printing.  Product code 8 on the top.  Rim Fire in a straight line above "H" logo.  White end labels."  SEALED box fresh from a brick.  $125.00.  


W30.  WINCHESTER 22 LONG STAYNLESS.  Box has only 48 rounds.  Box is good.  $75.00.  LOWER PRICE.


W31.  Winchester LEADER Standard Velocity 22 long rifle.  Product code is LD22LR.  Mint condition.  $16.00


W32.  Winchester SUPER SPEED 22 long rifle hollow point.  STAYNESS. KOPPERKLAD.  Product code is K2207R.  Box is in very good condition.  $25.00.


W33.  Winchester SUPER SPEED 22 Long.  STAYNLESS.  KOPPERKLAD.  Product code is SS22L.  Box is very good.  $25.00.


W34.  Winchester SUPER-SPEED 22 long rifle hollow point with a child warning.  Product code is 22LRH.  Box is in very good condition.  $20.00.


W35.  Winchester SUPER-SPEED 22 long rifle.  Product code SS22LR.  Box is in very good condition.  $18.00.


W36.  Winchester SUPER-SPEED 22 Long.  Product code is SS22L.  Box is in very good condition.  $20.00.