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Martha's Ammo & Collectibles

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Pistol & Rifle Ammo 2 of 7

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PR11.  WINCHESTER SUPER SPEED 35 REMINGTON.  200 Grain Soft Point bullet.  Box and ammo are very good.  $65.00.   


PR12.  Western 38-55 Winchester Center Fire.  255 Grain Lubaloy Soft Point Bullet.  Great color and box is very good.  $125.00. 


SOLD.  PR13.  Western Super-X 30-30 Winchester.  170 Grain Boat Tail Soft Point Bullet.  Box has some corner/edge scuffing.  $65.00.  


 PR14.  Winchester 38 Long Colt Center Fire.  150 Grain Lead Bullets.  Adapted to Colt's Double and Single Action and  other revolvers and rifles.  On the front side of the box someone penciled in " Nov-22-1923(1.50)"  Box is very good.  $225.00.


SOLD. PR15.  Peters RUSTLESS 38 Short COLT.  Lead bullet for COLT and S. & W. Arms.  Box has some scuffing and a small label tear on the bottom.  $75.00.


PR16.  Western 38 SPECIAL 158 Grain LUBALOY bullet.  Box is full, correct and near mint.  $45.00.


PR17.  SEALED box of Remington Arms-Union Metallic Cartridge 32 Long Colt Central Fire Cartridges.  83 GRS. Bullet.  Specially adapted for 32 Colt Double Action and other Arms.  Box is very good.  1 of 33 boxes from a wooden case.  $90.00.


PR18. Western 38 Long COLT.  150 GR. Lubaloy.  Box has a wrinkle on the lower left corner.  $75.00.  NOW $60.00.


SOLD.  PR19.  Peters POLICE MATCH 38 SPECIAL.  148 GR. Wad Cutter.  Box is mint.  $90.00. 


PR20.  Western SUPER X 300 SAVAGE.  150 Grain SILVERTIP.  Box is good.  $50.00.


PR21.  Winchester 30-30 Win.  150 Gr. PP.  John Wayne Limited edition collector's set.  Box is very good.  $130.00.


PR22.  Winchester SUPER SPEED 219 WIN. ZIPPER.  56 GR. Hollow Point Bullet.  Box is in near mint condition.  $130.00. 


PR23.  Winchester 220 WINCHESTER SWIFT.  56 Grains Hollow Point.  For Winchester Model 54.  1935 issue.  Box is very good.  $190.00.


PR24.  Winchester 38 Long COLT for Colt's Double and Single Action and Other Arms.  1932 issue.  Box has 47 cartridges.  Box is extremely good.  $150.00.


PR25.  Peters HIGH VELOCITY 300 Savage.  180 GR. Inner-Belted Soft Point Bullet.  Box is very good.  $85.00.


PR26.  Remington Kleanbore 32 COLT POLICE POSITIVE.  100 GRS. Lead Bullet.  Box is mint from a brick.  $100.00. 


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