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Pistol & Rifle Ammo 3 of 7

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SOLD.  PR27.  Winchester Super X 32 SHORT COLT.  80 gr. Lead-Round Nose.  Box is good but has been dropped on 1 corner.  $65.00. 


PR28.  Winchester 351 Win. SELF-LOADING.  180 GR Full Patch Bullets.  For Winchester Model '07 351 Caliber Rifle.  Box is very good.  $275.00.  NOW $200.00.


PR29.  Western 32 AUTOMATIC Center Fire 71 Grain Metal Case Lubaloy Bullet.  Box has lots of discoloration and some label tearing on the bottom of the box.  $35.00.


SOLD.  PR30.  Western 41 Short COLT.  160 Gr. Lubaloy coated bullet.  Box is good but has some edge/corner scuffing.  $150.00.  


PR31.  Winchester.Western 32-40 Winchester 165 gr. S.P.  This John Wayne box is very good.   $125.00.


PR32.  Western 25-20 WINCHESTER.  Lubaloy 86 Grain Soft Point Bullet.  Box is in good condition but has a wrinkle on the lower right corner.  $135.00.  NOW $95.00. 


SOLD.  PR33.  Remington KLEANBORE 35 REMINGTON.  200 Grain Soft Point.  19 rounds.   Box is good.  $35.00. 


PR34.  Winchester ANTLERED GAME 30-30.  170 GR Power-Point.  Box is very good.  $150.00.  NOW $125.00.


PR35.  CANUCK 25 STEVENS SHORT.  65 Grain Bullet.  Box is very good.  $120.00.


PR36.  SEALED Winchester 38 Long.  Box is in very good condition.  $350.00. NOW $250.00.


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