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Remington Hi-Speed boxes---1/2 red & 1/2 green

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HI-SPEED 1.  Remington Hi-Speed with KLEANBORE Priming 22 Short.  Box has word "new" written near the "R".  Color is bright and box is brick fresh.  Product code is 1022.  $15.00. Edit Text


HI-SPEED 2.  Remington HiSpeed 22 Long Rifle Hollow Point.  Box has the word 'new' near the top of the 'R'.  Product code is 1622.  Box is new from a brick.  $20.00 


HI-SPEED 3.  Remington HiSpeed 22 Long.  Box has the word 'new' written next to the 'R'.  Product code is 1322.  Box is mint from a brick.  $20.00


HI-SPEED 4.  Remington HiSpeed KLEANBORE 22 Long rifle.  Product code is 1522.  Box has the word 'new' to the left of the "R".  New from a brick.  $15.00. Edit Text


HI-SPEED 5.  Remington Hi-Speed 22 Short.  Bright red and green box has some Spanish writing on the front.  Brick fresh.  $15.00


HI-SPEED 6.  Remington Hi-Speed 22 Long Rifle.  Box has "new" written in Spanish near the "R".  $10.00.


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