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W37.  Winchester .22 Long Rifle "Super Speed".  STAYNLESS KOPPERKLAD.  This box is new from a brick.  This Winchester box is the second variety, beginning in 1938, when Winchester added the line "Division of Western Cartridge Company."  This run was changed in 1944.  This popular yellow/blue/red Super Speed box is in excellent condition.  $35.00.


W38.  Winchester Super Speed 22 Long Rifle.  STAYNLESS.KOPPERKLAD.  Product code is SS22 LR.  Box is very good.  $25.00.


W39.  WINCHESTER SUPER SPEED 22 Long Rifle H. P.  Staynless Kopperklad.  Box is very good.  $50.00.


W40.  Western 22 Short Lubaloy coated bullet.  Mint from a brick.  $85.00.


W41.  Western Extra Power 22 Short.  Box is good but has ink spotting on it.  $15.00. 


W42.  WESTERN Super Match Mark IV Long Rifle Pistol Match.  This box has NO child warning.  Mint condition.    $40.00.


W43.  Winchester 22 long rifle "LEADER" Staynless lead lubricated bullets. Yellow, red and white box is in very good conditon WITHOUT a Child Warning. $20.00.
Have this box in a Short.  No child warning.  $30.00. 


W44.  Winchester Super-X 22 Long High Velocity cartridges.  Product code is X22L.  RARE in a long.  This box is fresh from a brick but every box has had a sticker removed from the front and has tape residue.    $20.00.


W45.   Winchester 22 Long Rifle.  1912 issue. SMOKELESS. Red label with black printing. Buff, two-piece, full cover box.   Red side sealing label.  Product code 31 and date code 10-14 on the top.  Side label has code 181 and 10-14.  Contents are unknown."   SEALED box.  $500.00.  NOW $250.00.         LOOSE END FLAP


W46.  WINCHESTER 22 SHORT.  Lesmok Rifle Cartridges.  SEALED 2 PIECE box is very good except for the wrinkle on the right top.  $75.00.  


W47.  Winchester SUPER SPEED 22 Long Rifle STAYNLESS.  1932 issue.  Box is in good condition.  $250.00.


W48.  Winchester Western Extra Power 22 short.  Product code is X22S.  Box is in very good condition.  $18.00.   1 box left.


W49.  Winchester Precision 50 EZXS 22 Long Rifle MATCH Cartridges LESMOK.  This box looks like the box above but there is a different bottom variation.  This box is a 1946 issue.   This box shows U.S.A. patents on the bottom in the center of the box.  Winchester Repeating Arms Co. is written in print.  Product code is K2238R.  Mint from a brick.  $75.00. 


W50.  Winchester SUPER-SPEED 22 SHORT HOLLOW POINT.  Product code is SS22SH.   Fresh from a brick.  $20.00.


W51.  Western 22 Long Rifle.  40 Grain Lead Lubricated Bullet.  Box is in mint condition.  1941 issue.  $60.00.


W52.  Western SUPER-MATCH 22 Short Pistol Match.  Product code is SM22S.  Bright yellow box with red and black print.   Box is fresh from a brick.  $40.00.