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Pistol & Rifle Ammo 5 of 7

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PR47.  Winchester ALBERTA DIAMOND JUBILEE 38-55 WINCHESTER.  225 GR. S. P. Box contains only 15 rounds.  Box is good.  $80.00.


SOLD.  PR48.  PETERS RUSTLESS POLICE MATCH 45 Automatic 185 GR. Metal Cased Wad Cutter.  Box has a dime sized label tear.  $70.00.   


PR49.  Remington Arms-Union Metallic Cartridge Co. 38 S & W 146 GRS bullet.  BLACK POWDER.  Box is not sealed and has side and end label tears.  $110.00. NOW $80.00


SOLD.  PR50.  Peters RUSTLESS 380 AUTOMATIC 95 Grain Metal Case Bullet.  Box is in good condition.  Product code is 3853.  $55.00.


PR51.  Winchester 32 LONG COLT Cartridges.  SEALED box is very good.  $250.00. NOW $200.00.


PR52.  Winchester WELLS FARGO & Co. 30-30.  150 Grain Silvertip Rifle Cartridges.  These center fire cartridges are produced in limited quantity as part of the Wells Fargo & Company 125th Anniversary.  Mint condition.  $90.00. 20% OFF


PR53.  Peters RUSTLESS 38 SHORT COLT.  125 Grain Lead Bullet.  Box is good.  $65.00. 


PR54.  Winchester Legendary Lawmen 30-30.  150 GR. Silvertip.  These center fire cartridges are produced in limited quantity.  The Winchester Legendary Lawman limited edition lever action rifle recalls those who struggled for law and order in the early West.  Box is good.   $125.00.   


PR55.  Winchester 220 WINCHESTER SWIFT.  48 Grains Pointed Soft Point.  Box is good but has some scuffing.  1935 box.  $175.00.   25% OFF


PR56.  Winchester 30 ARMY FULL PATCH Non-Mercuric Staynless Cartridges.  220 Grain. For Krag Jorgensen and Winchester Model 95 Repeating Arms.  SEALED MINT box.  $110.00.  NOW $90.00.


PR57.  Winchester 38 Caliber Primer Cases.  Adapted to Winchester Single Shot, Ballard and Marlin Rifles.  Box has some writing on the back side of the box, but box is very good otherwise.  $60.00.  NOW $30.00.


PR58.  SEALED  Winchester 38 SMITH & WESSON Center Fire 145 Grain Lead Bullets.  Smokeless Cartridges.  Especially adapted to 38 calibre  S & W Harrington and Richardson, Hopkins and Allen and other revolvers.  Note on bottom of box, " Copper Primer, Brass Case."  Written on the side of the box is, "March-31-1926, Malone Farmers Hdw. Co. $1.30."  Box is very good.  $125.00.  20%  OFF


PR59.  40-60 Winchester Cartridges.  40 Caliber, 60 Grs. Powder, 210 Grs. Bullet.  These Cartridges are intended for use ONLY in WINCHESTER REPEATING RIFLES marked 40-60 on the under side of the CARRIER BLOCK, and Winchester Single Shot Rifles 40-60 Caliber.  Note on the bottom of the box, "Brass Cases, Copper Primer."  Only problem with the box is the marks on the top of the box.  Otherwise, mint.  $200.00.  25% OFF


PR60.  SEALED box of Winchester 22 caliber SINGLE SHOT.  13 Grs. Powder. 45 Grs. bullet.  This old box has some label tearing and fading.  $125.00.   25% OFF

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