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Martha's Ammo & Collectibles

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Pistol & Rifle Ammo 6 of 7

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PR61.  Winchester 351 Winchester SELF-LOADING for Winchester Model 07 Self-Loading Rifle.  Box is very good but has some label scuffing.  $120.00. NOW $90.00.


PR62.  Winchester 9 mm LONG SHOT Cartridges.  Adapted to Model 36 Shot Gun, cal. 9mm.  Box is good but there is some label missing on the left end.  The right end has label tearing.  $230.00.  25% OFF


PR63.  Western Super-X 257 ROBERTS.  117 Grain Soft Point Lubaloy Bullet.  Box is very good.  $85.00.  25% OFF


PR64.  Winchester 30-30 Win.  150 GR. PP.  150 YEAR COMMEMORATIVE EDITION.  2008 LIMITED EDITION COLLECTOR'S SERIES.  Box is very good.  $190.00.  
NOW.  $150.00.


SOLD. PR65. 


SOLD.  PR66.  WINCHESTER Super-Speed 25-35 Winchester.  117 Grain Soft Point Bullet.  Box is good but has label tear on the top right of the box.  $85.00. 


PR67.  PETERS  High Velocity 30-06 SPRINGFIELD.  150 Grain Pointed Soft Point INNER-BELTED Bullet.  Box is mint.  $50.00.  20% OFF


PR68.  Remington/UMC 32-40 Winchester, Marlin and Savage.  165 Grains Soft Point Bullet for Winchester-Marlin-Savage and other rifles.  Box is good but there is label tearing on the lower left.  $65.00.  25% OFF


PR69.  Western Super-X 30 Springfield 1906.  180 Grain SILVERTIP with point protected by Nickel Silver Jacket composed of Copper, Nickel and Zinc.  1940 issue.  Box is mint.  $210.00.  NOW $175.00.


PR70.  Western 32-40 Winchester.  165 Grain Lubaloy Soft Point Boat Tail.  1930 issue.  Box is near mint.  $150.00. 25% OFF


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