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R1.  Remington Hi-Speed Kleanbore 22 long.  Product code is 1322.  Box is in very good condition.  $15.00. Edit Text


R2.  Remington Hi-Speed 22 Long Rifle Hollow Point.    Product code is 1622.  Box is mint from a brick.  $20.00.


R3. Remington Hi-Speed Kleanbore 22 short.  Product code is 1022.  Box is in mint condition.  $15.00. Edit Text



R4.  Remington Hi-Speed Kleanbore 22 long rifle.  Product code is 1522.  Box is in good condition.  $12.00. Edit Text


R5.  Remington HI-SPEED 22 Short Hollow Point "Golden" Bullet.  Product code is 1122.  Box is mint.  $15.00.


R6.  Remington RIFLE MATCH 22 Long Rifle.  Product code is 6622.  Box is in very good condition.  Have 2 but one has a corner wrinkle.  $25.00. 


R7.  Remington Rifle Match RECLASSIFIED 22 Long Rifle.  This is a lot of ammunition that did not meet specifications and was reclassed to a lower grade and sold at a reduced price.  Box is very good.  $35.00.


R8.  Remington KLEANBORE KLEANKOTE 22 Short Hollow Point.  Standard Velocity.  Product code is R12K.  Short Hollow Point is printed on the end flaps.  1936 issue.  Box is very good.  $125.00.


SOLD   R9.  Remington KLEANBORE KLEANKOTE Standard Velocity "Pointed Dogbone" 22 long rifle.  Product code is R17K.  Box is in very good condition.  $35.00.



SOLD   R10.  Remington 22 LONG.  R16.  Box is very good.  $80.00.  


R11.  Remington Hi-Speed Kleanbore 22 Short Hollow Point.  Product code is 1122.  Box is mint from a brick.  $20.00. 


R12.  Remington Arms Co. 22 Short Rim Fire LESMOK.  Box is in good condition.  $125.00.


R13.  Remington 22 Long Rifle PALMA Hi-Speed.  Product code is 54PB.  Box is 1926 issue.  Slight shelf wear on the top.  $25.00.


R14.  Remington 22 Long Rifle RECLASSIFIED  RIFLE MATCH.  Product code is 6622.  Box is mint.  $15.00.


R15.  Remington 22 Long Rifle Kleanbore PISTOL MATCH.  Product code is 6822.  Box is in very good condition.  $20.00. 


R16.  Remington Arms Co. 22 Remington Autoloading Rim Fire.  Remington Model No. 16.  Dunn's book,  "1926-27 issue".  Box is good but has tax stamps on the bottom and does have some scuffing.  $90.00. 


R17.  Remington UMC 22 Remington AUTOLOADING 45 GRS bullet.  Back side of the box shows a rifle picture.  These cartridges are specially recommended for Remington-UMC Autoloading Rifles.  SEALED box in good condition but some soiling on the top.  $75.00.   


R18.  Remington "ROCKET" 22 Short Non Corrosive Kleanbore Priming.
Product code is 1222.  Box is Factory SEALED and from a brick.  $70.00.